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...interesting.. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.


Ewwww, what did it taste like? What's it's texture? And "Chicken" doesn't count! XD


i saw these on TV just the other day (last weekend??) and IIRC, they were calling them 'turtle toes' in japanese. (kamenoashiyuubi or maybe just kamenoyuubi.) looks interesting but i'm certainly not brave enough to try any....


Wow- Dragonclaws, dragonflies, skull-bone phone straps made out of human teeth/femurs/inner ear bits--it's like a Biker Blog. Your little cricket pix are very good, and I must agree with Sam: the hydrangeas up close are very unworldly. Also, Japanese crickets are much more handsome than Canadian ones.

Speaking of unworldly, the other day I was in a lab where they perform laser-mass spec analyses of these large stones that grow in dog and horse gall bladders. The results of the analyses idicate what the stones are made of, and that tells the horse/dog owner (or the vet) what needs to change in the diet of the animal to prevent these things from growing. One of the stones was about the size of a racketball. Now, a couple of those on a leather thong would make a killer phone strap, ay?

I'd like to try those dragonclaws some time.



This was a first for me too.

They tasted and felt like clams. Really nice actually, but nothing to go crazy over.

Thanks, I couldn't remember what they are called. Turtle toes- how cute! I wonder if they are a new fad or something.

I think all the pretty flowers balance out the skulls and dragons. But speaking of biker blogs, they do exist- even amoung the English-language Japan blogs there are two!
Neat about the gallstones. If I ever had one I would definitely turn it into some kind of jewelry or accessory. I could probably call it a "healing stone" and make a good profit!

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